The best things in life aren't THINGS.


About Stacy

Stacy Thomes is a Certified Residential Organizer based in the Calabasas, California area. Born and raised in LA, Stacy knows the challenges of managing a busy home and the need to appear as if we have it all together.

As a busy mother of two, Stacy felt a calling towards simplifying. She felt the need to move away from accumulating more and found we all could do better with a little less. With the desire to inspire others, Stacy launched Strive to Organize in 2009 and has been helping people simplify their lives ever since.

With a growing list of clients from working professionals, stay-at-home moms, first-time home buyers and busy celebrities, Stacy continues to pour her heart and soul into inspiring others to simplify their lives and take back control over their homes. 

Stacy is a graduate of Antioch University where she received her BA in Liberal Studies with a focus on Child Development. In her final year at Antioch she took an internship at The Jim Henson Company and fell in love with the creative world of television. Through the next six years she went on to work for entertainment companies such as Saban, Fox Family and The Fox Health Network. It was in television development and production that she discovered her great organizational skills and put them to good use by keeping busy executives, producers, writers and entire departments organized.

Stacy currently serves on the board as the Marketing Director of NAPO Los Angeles (National Association of Productivity and Organizing), is a regular contributor to and is  a frequent volunteer in her community. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her kids, yoga, music, film, reading, hiking, travel, taking classes and inspiring others to discover what's really important to them.