Peaceful Functional Bathrooms


  Do you cringe with disgust every time you peek inside your child's bathroom? Are your bathrooms a cluttered mess? Is it hard to find things when you need them? Then it’s time to get in there and PURGE!

First off, lets think about a few things. A bathroom should be a simple, yet functional space. For many of us, yes I'm talking to all you busy mommies out there, being alone in the bathroom is the only ALONE time we get all day! Let's take some time to make it a nice, relaxing, super-functional space to be in. It should only take you about one hour or less (depending on the size and amount of stuff in there).

Before you get started, I encourage you to envision what you want your space to look like. Do you want it to look like the Four Seasons Hotel lobby bathroom, your favorite spa or something completely custom tailored to you?

Think about WHAT you use your bathroom for. Some people share ONE bathroom with their entire family and others have their very own luxurious abode plus multiple bathrooms for all family members. Be realistic about your space.

Whether you share your bathroom or not, it needs to be cleaned, de-cluttered, inventoried and re-stocked on a fairly regular basis. If you only keep the besic necessities, this will be easy to maintain.

Here are a few helpful tips to get started on your bathroom purge:

  • Grab a few trash bags and a large towel and get in there.
  • Take out all items in cupboards and drawers one at a time. Dump out drawer and cupboard contents onto a towel.
  • TOSS out anything you no longer use. BE REALISTIC! Even if it cost $200.00, if you don’t use it, you don’t need it! If its expired, definitely throw it out.
  • SORT AND KEEP like items together.
  • Asses your belongings and put them back in separated bins, baskets or containers.
  • Some basic categories for bathroom necessities might be: FIRST AID, BEAUTY, HEALTH, SKINCARE, HAIR, BODY CARE. Store like items together and store in convenient cupboards, drawers or cabinets.
  • If you are doing your kids bathroom, set them up for success by only having what they actually need in there. They are more likely to wash up, brush and floss if the items necessary are readily accessible and in full view.

Remember, its not just about the stuff. It's how you are connected to it. If clearing out the clutter (any clutter) fills you with anxiety, take a moment to examine that feeling. Ask yourself if your stuff is more important than your well-being. If you need some help taking the first few steps, ask a friend or your local Professional organizer.

If you only have what you need in your space, it will be so much easier to get ready. Once you make the commitment and take the time to do it, you will feel so much cleaner and lighter! Enjoy your new space!