Good Morning!


Let's face it, we could all use a better routine in the morning. Mornings are tough for most of us. With spouses, kids and jobs it's amazing we get anywhere on time some days! But, the good news is that I am here to make your morning a little less stressfulI. 

I have put together some simple tips that are very easy to implement into your morning routine. Creating just a few new habits will help you to easily get out the door and onto a productive, successful day.

If all you take from this is one new habit at all, I would highly suggest getting prepared the night before. This applies for you and your kids and really helps cut down on wasted time in the morning therefor reducing overall stress.

Here are a few of the things I do that help me have easier mornings;

  1. Lay out your clothes/kids clothes the night before. This is especially helpful so your not searching for an appropriate outfit for a meeting with your boss, an important interview or a workout with a friend.
  2. Plan breakfast and coffee the night before. Put out anything you can ahead of time (cereal, oatmeal, fruit...) and set your coffee maker to brew on auto.
  3. If your going to work out, plan this the night before. If you are taking a class, make sure you know what time it starts and when to get there so your prepared (and get a good spot). Some people even suggest sleeping in your gym clothes so you’re REALLY ready to go!
  4. Get ready to go. Have everything by the door the night before, kids backpacks, keys, sunglasses, purse, important papers etc.

Another important habit to follow is, DO NOT HIT SNOOZE!  Try to get up at least 15 minutes earlier than you know you have to. Unless you have a tremendous amount of self control, try not to look at your phone (I know this is a tough one) but this can turn into a HUGE time trap really throwing you off schedule. If your phone is your alarm clock, turn it off and put it down once awake. GET UP AND MOVE!

In terms of self care, the earlier you get yourself ready, the more time you have to monitor your time. Once your up, get done what you need to. For some this may be shower, make-up and full hair, others maybe just brushing their teeth and splashing cold water on their face. Whatever your routine is, try to be prepared ahead of time by keeping your bathroom as clutter-free as possible. Get dressed and get your nourishment for the day.

TIME TO EAT-Keep breakfast simple, but make sure not to skip it. If you prepare the night before this will ensure you leave the house with something to eat (even a banana or apple is better than nothing).



If you drive to work, use your Bluetooth to roll calls. Set up your phone with numbers you frequently dial so you can just give a voice command and be connected. If you're driving-NO TEXTING! If you take the train or subway, try to get your e-mails or any other computer work done while en route.

The more you get done early on, the more time you will have throughout the day.

Building a routine that gives you a calm, efficient, organized morning can be a difficult task. It is definitely a matter of trial and error. Try a few of these tip and let me know if it helps you! I'd love to hear any other suggestions too.

Have a beautiful day! xo