Declutter your home and your mind and spirit will follow.


“Stacy Thomes is a superhero. I can't recommend her highly enough. Not only will she improve the organization of your home (which she will do quickly and efficiently) but she will tap into your unique needs and sensibilities to turn your space into a personal haven, where you can feel deeply at home. 

Stacy has organized every room in our house, from our kitchen to our bedroom closet, and set up systems for us to live a more streamlined, and less cluttered life. Whatever your residential organizing needs might be, Stacy Thomes Organizing is the way to go.”

- Holiday, Agoura, CA


“Stacy has helped me numerous times to get my home back in order. As a busy mom of 5, everything adds up VERY quickly. Thank God for Stacy to keep me from becoming buried under all their STUFF! Over the past six years, Stacy has helped me pack, move homes, unpack, organize, purge, re-organize and has kept me from going crazy in my own home!

She is the one I personally use and recommend whenever someone asks me for a home organizer referral. Stacy is THE BEST organizer in the Valley. She has a calm, non-judgmental, discreet and thoughtful approach. She makes the task at hand seem FUN, painless and always so, very rewarding.

If you need help, call her TODAY!”

- Jennifer Levinson: Jen’s List, CEO

“After being apprehensive about getting organizing assistance, I finally called Stacy and was immediately put at ease. We chatted about my needs and set up an in-home consultation. When I met Stacy I found her to be trustworthy, practical, and solution oriented. Being a mom herself, she really knows what kids need and can do without and how to organize their stuff so it is easy for them to maintain (and find!). She organized my boys rooms and playroom and now we know where everything is-it just makes sense! I would highly recommend Stacy if you are overwhelmed with clutter in your home. She is awesome and will be coming back to do our master closets in a month! I can’t wait! Thanks Stacy!”

 - Dove R., Tarzana, CA

"I was moving from the country to the city and enlisted the help of Stacy Thomes to clean out and streamline my closets. She is a master at organizing and what I love most is her Zen personality & style that makes everything move forward in a soft but knowledgeable way. It was seamless and painless thanks to Stacy and her organizing talents. After working with her a few times, I was so impressed by her ability to simplify things that I asked her to contribute a section about keeping organized in the book I was working on at the time, Bliss Happens. Living a more simple life is SO BLISSFUL and I am so grateful to have discovered Stacy!"

- Kym Douglas: Lifestyle & Beauty Expert, TV Personality, Host & Author


“Stacy Thomes took our house from a nightmare, cluttered mess to organization heaven! She is a pleasure to work with and I could not recommend her more highly. The right organizer is hard to find and she’s the best! Book her, as long as it doesn’t interfere with the times that we want her!”

- Carol Leifer: Comedian/Writer


“Thank you so much for helping me organize my closet. Everything is now so easy to find and it looks amazing! The other day I was running late for an event… usually it would take me forever to find the things I wanted to wear, but since my closet is so organized, it took me only a few minutes to get ready. I didn't have to go through piles of clothes on the shelf or rifle through the entire closet to find what I wanted. I appreciate your encouragement to let go of items I should have discarded years ago. Now I'm looking forward to organizing the rest of the house!”

- Beth, Calabasas, CA

“Peace of mind is one of life's conditions that you don't appreciate until it's gone. I knew I felt frustrated and inept: every room in my house was cluttered and I spent hours frantically searching for important papers I “just saw a minute ago.” Sure, I had great intentions. I bought bins and nifty organization tools. I ordered how-to books. In the end, I spent way too much time and money on gadgets and quick fixes. I needed serious help. Fortunately, I met Stacy. She takes the fear out of tackling clutter by calmly coaching you through each step. She's a roll-up-the-sleeves-and-get-started kind of gal. Together, we sorted, tossed, reorganized and labeled. My life began to take on a sense of order and accomplishment. I felt liberated. So, here's my advice: Call Stacy, roll up your sleeves and get started. Because the value of peace of mind? Priceless.”

- Mary K., Pacific Palisades, CA

“Stacy was a lifesaver. Days after moving into a new house, stacy was there helping me sort through mountains of boxes to help clear space for our home office/den. It was an overwhelming task that I thought would take weeks to accomplish. with stacy's enthusiasm and positive attitude we accomplished "the impossible" in one day. It feels wonderful to come home at the end of the day knowing that everything has a place. I would highly recommend stacy to anyone struggling with clutter or chaos, she can help you see through the mess with professionalism, perspective, enthusiasm and optimism. Thanks for everything Stacy!"

 - Jackie, Woodland Hills, CA

“Stacy is a life changing genius with what she does. My office and storage space are reborn. Her kind manner helped me to go through old projects, my late mother’s things, an ex-husbands stuff that were reflective of a past (that was holding me back) so I could create a new present and future. She’s truly remarkable and worth every penny.”

- Margaret Nagel, Brentwood, CA


“Dear Stacy: I want to thank you for everything you did to help me transform my closet and for giving me the tools to eliminate the clutter and make my life more simple. You made a seemingly difficult and overwhelming task fun and easy and dramatically reduced my stress level. You were able to see things from my perspective and not push too hard. your services were flawless! I am forever grateful for your graceful presence and your ability to organize logically and structure systematically. you are professional, efficient, a pleasure to work with and delivered beyond my expectations. i will definitely be calling you again to keep the ball rolling.”

- Marlene, Woodland Hills, CA

"Stacy ~ You are a true gift! Your calm Zen like energy helped with such a stressful move! You came and helped me get rid of the clutter and organize the garage, closets, master & kids rooms and went shopping with me to help me choose the best (and most affordable) organizing pieces. I just can't wait for you to return and do our home office. I would recommend her to all friends in need ~ Stacy is such blessing!!!!"

- Cory B., Westlake, CA

“Stacy is a lifesaver. She helped me understand how to deal with clutter and pick what is important to keep in my life. She gave me storage solutions which my whole family loves!!!! I never realized removing the clutter would impact so many areas of my life. I would highly recommend her!!!!

Stacy, thanks so much for all of the help. I NEVER would have been able to organize, sort and categorize everything like you did. You rock!”

- Sadaf, Van Nuys, CA


“Stacy helped me design and build out a closet that was piled with cleaning supplies, paper goods, and service ware.  The design is clean, organized and efficient and I no longer get a pit in my stomach every time I go in there.  It's beautiful and I love to show off her amazing work!  Stacy is a delight to work with and her ideas and organizational talents are unmatched.  I highly recommend!”

- Collette, Los Angeles, CA


“Bringing someone into your home is a touchy subject. Stacy understands that and brings her knowledge, solutions, and experience to give you the best service at the most affordable price. She does all the work herself without bringing in any subs so that your privacy and safety is protected and assured. Since she educates you as she goes, your spaces get cleaned up and organized while you learn how to maintain them. She teaches you that if you stay on top of your mess, you will only need to go through it 2-4 times a year – Stacy, you were such a help to our family! Thank you for leading us on a path to simplicity and organization!”

- Jennifer G., Hidden Hills, CA

“Stacy is simply great at what she does! She will turn your chaos into a fantastic, functional space. Her organization of my hallway cabinets changed my family's ability to find things and store things and we've been able to maintain it long term without effort. Her expertise to look at a space and magically figure out the best use and purpose in any room, cabinet, drawer, etc is incredible. And she will do it using fun, attractive and efficient materials. Stacy is responsive, friendly, and so easy to communicate with. You will be so thrilled with Stacy's services you'll want to have her help you with your entire house!”

- Dana, Woodland Hills, CA


"I wish I could show you “before” and “after” photos of my home office and kitchen. It is the only way you would be able to see ALL of the amazing changes Stacy made at my house. It just feels better to sit at my desk and work. I know where things are for the first time in many years. I actually saw the backs of my desk drawers. I didn’t think they ever ended – I would just stuff more junk inside of them and pray they closed. It all looked good from the outside, but inside everything was a mess. I love knowing everything has its own place and finally, my home office world makes sense to me. Now I can focus on more exciting things – like paying bills and filing the masses of papers that come home in my kids’ backpacks. My newly organized home office was only the beginning. We also went through everything in my kitchen. Now, if I really wanted to cook, I’d know exactly where my supplies are located. I didn’t even know I had a rice cooker. I’m excited to try out some new recipes – beef and broccoli with steamed brown rice, anyone? When my ultra neat husband saw the newly styled kitchen cabinets and drawers he got goosebumps. Literally.

Stacy, thanks so much for all of the help. I NEVER would have been able to organize, sort and categorize everything like you did. You rock!”

- Mellisa Boyter, Sherman Oaks